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Vitamins for Hair Growth

Anyone with the hair loss problem feels quite ashamed and depressed as it is quite an embarrassment for the person suffering from it. In most instances by the time the seriousness of the problem is comprehended it is actually quite late. Hair Growth Vitamins There are medical reasons as to why hair growth actually slows between the ages of thirty and forty.

So to have the healthy hair you should maintain the right diet well balanced with vitamins. You won’t be disappointed when you look at yourself in the mirror as the right food intake and balanced vitamin intake will reflect in the condition of your hair. Hair loss shampoo there is not just one problem that can cause this hair growth problem.

Hair Growth

The environmental factors play an important role along with stress, illness and neglect of hair for this problem. For hair growth Vitamin B is quite necessary. Female Hair Loss The best thing for your hair is biotin and niacin which are both forms of vitamin B. They help the body produce protein to nourish the strands.

Protein is very necessary for the good growth of hair. The sources of vitamin B are wheat germ, potatoes, chicken and eggs. Just from eating foods such as apricots, cabbage and eggs you will be able to obtain a good amount of these vitamins so that you are able to fight off hair loss. Vitamin B12 is one of the most important things necessary for maintaining the structure as well as color of your hair. Hair growth depends a lot upon the intake of biotin.

You get biotin from food like green peas, lentils, sunflower seeds, walnuts, brown rice etc. It is present in some shampoos, so you can use shampoos, which contain biotin. Along with Vitamin B Vitamin C is also necessary for your hair.

To have healthy hair the C Vitamin helps the blood vessels to carry more blood to the scalp. The other Vitamin necessary for the blood circulation is Vitamin E which stimulates the oxygen intake in the blood. Zinc supplement too if consumed increases hair growth. The intake of vitamins is very much necessary for the proper hair growth. Go and consult a doc who will be able to guide you properly and make the right diagnosis. The proper line of treatment will be decided by the doctor for the exact problem you have.