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Top Reasons Why Most Dental Implants Fail

Researchers have proven that the risk of dental implant failure runs approximately around five percent for lower jaw implants and ten percent for upper jaw implants. But one of the most confusing aspects of dental implant failure is that in one person having multiple implants, perhaps all or one of the implants will be successful.


Up to this writing, no one can truly tell what is exactly the main cause for dental implant problems, and failures. Some dental surgeons have suggested that there are circumstances that may result in the failure of implants.  Some dental implant failure happens when an implant is done in the bone and unleashes the bacteria in the tissue surrounding the implant.

Bacteria can accumulate around a dental implant and around a tooth. Bacteria can cause inflammation and infection of the gum and bone tissue. If implants are placed in the bacteria-free bone, they will heal quickly. Therefore, implants must be kept strictly clean.

 A failure can mean a lot of trouble for the patient as well as the dentist. Hence, it is important to know what causes dental implant failure. Dental implants are made of titanium, a metal which, because of its innate nature, has been used for nearly forty years in hip replacements.

 Titanium causes no adverse reactions in human tissue, and when it is commercially pure, it will cause no allergic reactions to users. Materials used in dental implants can be contaminated at the factory where they are made.

And it is necessary that all dental implant manufacturers must strictly comply with Food and Drug Administration quality standards. Materials can also be contaminated in the dentist’s office during the implant procedure.

All dental surgeons and periodontists are expected to follow the highest sanitation practices, especially when conducting dental implants. Whatever the underlying cause of a dental implant failure, the failure is most likely to surface shortly after the implant procedure.

Anyone experiencing excessive discomfort or bleeding after an implant procedure should contact their dental surgeon immediately. Additional Causes of Dental Implant Failure Smoking increases the risk of dental implant failure and can harm the integrity of dental implants and cause them to fail more often than they do in a non-smoker.

Smoking has a negative effect on blood flow to the bone and tissues surrounding the gums and teeth, which impairs bone healing. Implants fail because of a failure to integrate with the surrounding bone tissues. However dental implant failure can likewise be the result of the patient’s neglect to follow the best aftercare.

The dental surgeon will provide a clear set of instructions on how to properly care for the new implant and it is very important that the instructions should be followed. Should the client still experience swelling or problems around the implant then these could be apparent symptoms of infections? The dentist should be consulted as soon as possible for any adverse effects. Author’s Bio: Lack of dental care results in major health problems, as well as destroys your self-esteem. Come to Tijuana where we have Mexico dental implants, who can give you high-quality work for a fraction of the cost. You will find the best dentists, top-notch dental work, and very reasonable prices at Dental Art in Tijuana.