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Top 10 Degenerative Diseases of All Time

Degenerative diseases can strike anytime, and we’re not all exempted from it. Millions of people like us each year are affected by specific diseases that can get worse as we age. Mostly people who are 50 years old and above are likely affected, but there are young adults and children who already encountered it themselves. There’s no cure for it, but can be treated well with preventive stuff.

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Let’s take a look at the top ten degenerative diseases where thousands or millions of people worldwide are suffering.

  1. Multiple sclerosis

One of the most annoying degenerative diseases of all time is no other than multiple sclerosis. It mainly focuses on your immune system itself, which targets the spinal cord and brain. As a result, the patient experience numbness, vision problems, muscle loss control and so on. There’s no cure for multiple sclerosis, but it can be treated naturally with the complete spectrum of micronutrients that the human cells needed most.

  1.  Parkinson’s Disease

Remember Michael J. Fox of Back To The Future? He’s one of the most inspirational celebrities with diseases who have Parkinson’s. It is a brain disorder that causes tremors, difficulty in walking, movement and so on. Usually, it affects some people who are at least 50 years old. However, there are some children and young adults who already experienced symptoms as they age. It was believed that one of the most effective ways to prevent Parkinson’s Disease from getting worse is an Olivol fruit extract, the highest form of antioxidant. Although there’s no guarantee for that, there’s still a way that could prevent it from getting worse.

  1.  Alzheimer’s Disease

It was said that most people who are affected with Alzheimer’s Disease are ages 65 and above. This degenerative disease focuses more on memory loss due to the death of brain cells. In the United States, Alzheimer’s disease (the most common dementia) was one of the top death causes that have no cure. Common symptoms include personal belongings being misplaced and repetitive conversations. To prevent you from suffering this degenerative disease, boosting your brain function naturally can help a lot.

  1.  Osteoporosis

Women are likely prone to this degenerative disease. It’s a common disease that weakens the bones. It was said that osteoporosis are caused by the bone mineral density loss. The bones are likely prone to possible fracture aside from osteoporosis alone. But the good news is that if it was diagnosed early, there’s a chance that it can be treated and prevent from getting worse as you age. Spinach is one of those veggies that could help you benefit with bone mineralization.

  1.  Rheumatoid Arthritis

This degenerative disease is common to senior citizens. But in some cases, there are young people and baby boomers who are suffering this kind of degenerative disease. It focuses more on inflammation of the joints, and it can spread throughout multiple organs. As a result, it can bother your everyday activities and tasks. Turmeric has health benefits in which could possibly treat rheumatoid arthritis naturally.

  1.  Lung Disease

Probably, this is one of the degenerative diseases that you don’t want to have. Lung disease cases have increased every decade, as well as death rates. The three kinds of lung disease are airway, lung circulation, and lung tissue. Lung cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), pulmonary edema, and many others are some of the common lung degenerative diseases in the United States. If this wasn’t diagnosed and treated early, it may have slim chances to be reversed. Not only that, it can get worse if this isn’t treated accordingly.

  1.  Stroke

In the United States, stroke has been named as one of the leading death causes up to date. Basically, it occurs when there’s an issue on the brain’s blood supply. The brain tissue will die once the blood vessel was blocked or ruptured. Common signs of stroke are arm weakness, difficulty in speech, and drooping of the face. If diagnosed, treatment and recovery process should be done immediately. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent you from suffering any kind of stroke (e.g., mini strokes, hemorrhagic and ischemic).

  1.  Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the common degenerative diseases up to date. Millions of people from all around the world have been diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes can be acquired, or within your family’s genes, or after pregnancy (gestational). It’s a long term metabolism disorder which your blood cells can’t cope up to produce insulin, due to the high blood sugar level. There are several complications to this degenerative disease if not maintained or treated such as hypertension, hearing loss, heart problems and more. Obesity is one common cause that you’re diagnosed with diabetes. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can be used as alternative natural medication to prevent your diabetes condition from getting worse.

  1.  Cancer

They called cancer as one of the “saddest” long-term degenerative conditions. Just like other degenerative diseases, it can strike anytime even if you’re young. There are several types of cancer for individuals, and most of them develop tumors or lumps due to the uncontrollable cell growth. Most of the people who are diagnosed with cancer are at least 50 years and above. However, kids and young adults aren’t can be affected with this deadly degenerative disease. There are four stages of cancer, and it can be treated when detected as early as possible. Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy with proper medication are recommended, but chances are slim.

  1. Cardiovascular Disease

Without a doubt, degenerative cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the most common death cause in the US and several countries. In order for the heart to function, a great amount of blood supply was needed. The purpose is for the muscle to pump and contract by providing oxygen. When or more arteries narrowed, it may be difficult for the heart to receive enough blood supply. As a result, people suffered from heart failure, arrhythmia and others. Reduce your cholesterol intake, high blood pressure, healthy food choices and regular exercises such as biking outside or inside using a bike trainer, jogging and stretching are a big help to avoid suffering a heart disease.

Final thoughts

Now you’ve learned how degenerative diseases can take your precious life away, I have a question for you. Are you gonna sit and wait for these degenerative diseases to come and invade your healthy body? Or are you gonna start taking action and prevent these degenerative diseases to avoid paying enormous hospital bills in the near future? The choice is yours.


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