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How The Hair Transplant is Effective in Curing Baldness

The hair transplant procedure involves the hair roots transferring process from donor location onto the recipient bald portion in order to cover the no hair zone with a head full of hair. The hair transplant is the most considering aspects in the plastic & the cosmetic surgery industry that requires a special set of artistic as well as scientific skills, knowledge, precision, and expertise to perform it with the utmost cosmetic effect without losing even a single graft to achieve the aesthetic goal of the surgery. Since it is one of the best cosmetic options for a patient who lost their hair due to the Androgenic alopecia or another type of alopecia or the hair loss caused by the external stimuli needs a corrective planned treatment to get over the problem of baldness permanently.

The procedure of hair transplant in India has taken a prime place in the cosmetic surgery industry as it is well-performed by the expert Surgeon in India at an affordable cost. The procedure is divided into 4 prime steps that are followed must no matter what technique has been practiced. Scientifically, the technique of the procedure is categorized into two categories, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. The techniques of the hair transplant procedure are differentiated on the basis of their method of graft extraction as the remaining steps of the procedure such as slit making, hairline designing, and implantation of grafts as well as dissection of grafts are all in the same manner.

So, before going to talk about the cosmetic advantages and the procedure relevancy of the hair transplant procedure, there is a need to mention about the procedure steps that it defines the significance of the restoration importance!

Hair Transplant is Effective in Curing Baldness

The hair restoration procedure steps that are followed in both the techniques of the procedure are mentioned below:

  1. The Extraction of Grafts: The extraction of grafts is the first and foremost concerning aspect of the hair transplant procedure in which a Surgeon takes out the grafts either by the method of FUT or FUE to fulfill the desired needs of the graft numbers to cover the particular bald area of the scalp.

The Grafts extraction in the FUT: The graft extraction in the FUT procedure performed by the strip excision from the back & sides of the scalp and then the area closed by the advanced closing technique, i.e., the Trichophytic closure. This gives you a desired number of grafts as the strip provides a greater number of grafts in a single time.

The Grafts extraction in the FUE: The graft extraction in the FUE performed by the punching process with the help of the punching machine and there are the limitations in the extraction as each punching requires an aesthetic distance to the next that automatically reduce the extraction space. And, a Surgeon bound to target the unsafe area also results in the lesser output of graft numbers.

  1. The Slit Formation: The slit formation is a major deciding factor in the hair transplant procedure as it is performed by the expert Surgeon to implant the graft in a particular angle & direction in order to offer the natural outcome of the procedure. The slit formation is done on the recipient bald portion of the scalp.
  2. Hairline design: The hairline design is one of the most artistic jobs of a Surgeon. It requires a special set of aesthetic skills, knowledge, and precision that only an expert and experienced Surgeon can put with the best artistic sense in order to achieve the natural hairline design that will be undetectable and most zigzag mannered to touch the natural growth of the hair.
  3. The Implantation of Grafts: The implantation of grafts is a final step of the procedure that must be performed with utmost care, concern, and expertise as the angle, direction and location of the hair roots should be in such a direction that reflects the natural hair growth after attaining the full growth of hair.

The Effectiveness of Hair Transplant Procedure and their Advantages

The Permanent Result

The hair transplant is an only single option to cure the hair loss problem as the hair roots are taken from the patient’s own scalp and give the permanent effect of the procedure. The hair follicles/graft of the back & sides of the scalp is resistant to the DHT hormone and destined to remain permanently in nature.

The Cost saving and a Wise Decision

The procedure of hair transplant is a cost-saving option and it solves the problem in a single shot as there is no requirement of further follow-ups or any medication to use. It is a safe, easy, painless and a cost-saving option that is always a good and a wise decision as compared to any other method of the hair growth. The medication or regrowth therapy is all temporary and effective only for a time being. So, the hair transplant is an effective permanent method to cure baldness.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is one of the best cosmetic options with a simple method of the graft placement by the procedure of transferring of hair roots from the patient’s own scalp gives the permanent hair roots with all the aesthetic effect if performed by the best hair transplant Surgeon.