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How Does Treatment Plan Help To Improve Aesthetic Consultation?

As an aesthetic practitioner, it is your duty to fully satisfy your patient before and after the treatment. A thorough initial consultation is important to make patient fully aware of the treatment, what substance and technique you will use for the treatment, what risks are involved and what can be the expected outcomes from the treatment. This detailed discussion should also address any fears and concerns the patient may have about the treatment. Professional aesthetics training program also teaches you how to manage a good consultation plan.

This can be done verbally but if you create a consultation plan it will help to improve the process of consultation with the patient as well as the patient-practitioner relationship. It will also help to improve the chances that patient agrees to take other aesthetic treatments from you along with a primary treatment he/she wish to undertake.

Improve Aesthetic Consultation

The treatment plan helps to improve the consultation process in 3 ways:

  • During a verbal consultation session, it is obviously difficult to retain all the information that you have communicated to the patient. For a patient who is taking aesthetic treatment for the first time, it is impossible for him/her to remember why you are using botox instead of fillers and how botox works. When patients leave your office with written information they will read and retain it and revert back to it when they enter the phase of forgetfulness about it.
  • Create a 12 months plan of attack for the patient. It is essential that you mention the dates and months when you plan to perform the treatment and repeat treatments. You can create a document with having columns and rows mentioning the dates and when the treatments will be performed. This will also help the patients to manage their budget accordingly.
  • When you give a customised plan to your patients, it makes them loyal to you. This will give them the feeling that you are reliable and committed practitioner who knows about the aesthetic treatments and makes you a trustworthy person from the very beginning. They may get a cheap discount coupon for the cosmetic treatment the very next day they visited you and have had a plan with them but they are highly likely to dismiss it. Because they have a professionally created personalised plan with them from an expert

This makes it clear how a good and well-planned consultation and a written plan can help to retain a loyal customer. To help you create a customised plan, here are some guidelines on how to effectively make it for your patients.

  • You can simply take a notecard of 3*5 inches and start writing the plan.
  • The first thing you can mention is “Area of concern”
  • The next thing to mention is, “ Your treatment plan”
  • After that mention, “ Skincare”
  • Followed by, “ maintenance”
  • Then mention the dates of “Next Appointment” in the end

You can also customise your treatment plan according to your desire by adding logos, graphic images and information about the aesthetic treatments offered. Take printouts of the created document and use it for future patients. For more information about the professional aesthetic treatments visit  https://www.theharleystreet.com/