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How Clen Helps Reduce Weight?

The fat muscles in the body in the adipose tissue support weight loss and aid the cutting cycles. They help to break triglycerides into fatty acids and oxidation is caused. Thus, it becomes an effective tool for weight loss, particularly for body builders. Since Clen works faster on the body and is diluted in the blood up to eighty per cent, it is very beneficial. Apart from this, it stays in the body for more than thirty hours. Another disadvantage is because of this reason, the side-effects too last much longer.

Clen Helps Reduce Weight

Long term side effects to the heart

  • There are several negative side effects of this medicine. It has been observed that long term use of clen will increase the size of the cardiac muscle tissues of the heart.
  • This leads to increase in collagen and cause the heart to have irregular heart beat.
  • Increase in the heart beat rate is also seen.
  • Skipping heart beat, irregular breathing or gasping for breath,
  • The effectiveness of the pumping blood by the heart is greatly reduced with the increase in the collagen due to the prolonged use of clen over the years.
  • The usage of clen interferes with the electric signals sent to the heart muscles.
  • The interference of the signals leads to irregular heart beat and proceed to a stroke.
  • The dimensions and structure of the heart are damaged by years of usage. As seen on animals but on humans the studies have been inconclusive.

The reviews have given positive responses such as:

  • It burns the fat and retains the muscle.
  • It is found to be very effective and many women have sought the use of clen for toning their physique.
  • It comes in many forms which is useful for choosing the ones that is suitable for them.
  • It is one of the best bronchodilators found in the market.
  • It has very little effect on the heart compared to other steroids prevalent.

Since it has got a very good half life a single dose will last you for a 34 hour effect. Clen users have no complained of the steroid, if it is used per directed, it will see no or very little side effects.

The three myths surrounding clen are

  1. There is a myth that it affects the heart but studies so far have been conducted on rodents or animals per se so on humans studies have not shown little or no side effects on the heart.
  2. There is another myth doing the rounds that using clen is a waste of time and not worth trying, but clen users swear by its effectiveness as stimulant as soon as you start using it and found that it is quite useful for weight loss.
  3. The last myth that has to be cleared from all users mind is that the increase in the body temperature is not due to the increase in the metabolism but the free fatty cells are at work. The fat is converted into fuel for the other cells and the body receives more energy for use.