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Do you Want To Realize the Dream of a Spa at Home? Here are our Recommendations

Get pampered by aromas and essential oils after a long day of work, eliminate stress in a real Hammam, take the time to care for their beauty and above all take a break from the world reap the benefits of a daily spa is undoubtedly the dream of many. What if we told you to turn your bathroom into a spa it is possible? That’s right; you just have to let yourself be guided by our 6 tips. We suggest visiting Brazilian wax deals in Manhattan.

Soft colors, natural accessories

If you want to recreate the atmosphere of a spa at home, for furnishings and accessories you have to choose 100% natural materials. Small and large wooden containers where to keep creams and body oils, natural fiber sponges, but also curtains draped in linen and soft cotton towels are the basic elements for your Spa home. Visit waxing center in Manhattan to get best care of waxing.

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Pastel green, blue and in general every small and delicate shade are the most suitable colors to soften the environment dedicated to the welfare and make it more relaxed. And do not forget a few plants: the fat (given the humidity of the environment) are ideal for enriching the aesthetics of the space and creating an inviting atmosphere.

Low lights, total relaxation

When we talk of relaxation, we cannot overlook the lighting, which must be soft and delicate just like in Spa. The design and d├ęcor experts advise to choose lamps to LEDs, capable of spreading in a gentle light and gentle and soften the atmosphere of the room.

The lights should be many and are placed on each side of the room. And the more detail? Choose multi-colored switches and dimmer lights, so you can vary the atmosphere and adjust the light intensity.


Smell too, such as sight, wants its part when it comes to health. Why in your Spa home you will not miss flavored candles, incense sticks, essential oils and dried flowers. But which flavor to choose? Surely not only balsamic fragrances but also lavender, jasmine and verbena as well, however, plants capable of reconciling good humor and relaxation.

The Turkish bath

The colors and materials are important, also the aromas and even critical light. But the protagonists of a bathroom inspired by the best Spa are undoubtedly items of furniture, which must be functional in order to offer unique wellness moments. Besides the classic whirlpool, where all worries disappear among the thousands of blue bubbles, all you need is a Turkish bath.

A corner dedicated to tea

At the end of a wellness program in a Spa is the time dedicated to the taste, in the company of pleasant and functional herbal teas. Because your bathroom does not have anything to envy to a spa, you can set up a corner dedicated to tea. It takes very little: a small table where to put kettle and box with varied teas and a comfortable seat. In this way, just finished your session in the Turkish bath, you can give yourself a moment to relax in a more … before returning to the real world. Finally we recommended spa gift certificates in NYC and Best cheap electrolysis in manhattan to know more details.