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Designer Eyeglass Cleaning and Safety Tips

Gone are those old days where people wear eyeglasses only when they have a defect in their vision. Nowadays, designer eyeglasses have become a trendy style statement among many people. The cost of designer eyeglasses is quite high, but there is no doubt that they are worth the money one spends on it. Obviously, it is the duty of people to take proper care of their designer eyeglasses and keep it clean.

Here are few tips to keep the designer eyeglasses clean and safe First and foremost point is to have a habit of cleaning your eyeglasses regularly at frequent interval. Buy and use a lens cleaning liquid that is free from ammonia. Eyeglass Lens cleaner containing ammonia can damage the protective layer on the lens. Never use the general glass cleansing liquid that we use to clean the glass doors and windows as it contains harmful chemical substances.

Eyeglass Cleaning

Always use a soft wiping cloth that comes with the designer eyeglasses and never make use of any other cloth material like tissue paper, shirt, towel etc. as it may develop scratches on the lens. How to clean your eyeglass immediately when you are not at home and it has dirt on it? This is like a first aid suggestion for many people who come across this situation often. When people are outside they may not be having the lens cleaning liquid and soft cloth.

 To avoid these situations it is better to buy wipes that are indulged and containing the necessary wetness and ingredients in it to clean the eyeglass. Buy these kind of readymade eyeglass cleaning wipes and keep it in your handbag or purse or carry case for immediate cleaning.

Apart from the lens or eyeglass, one need to remove the dust particles that accumulate on the rim, earpiece, frames and nose pad as well. One can use small brush with soft bristles to brush away the dust particles, but while brushing make sure it does not touch the lens or eyeglasses. Never forget to keep the hands always clean.

Always use a wet cloth to clean because dry cloth can damage the eyeglass. Never apply too much pressure when cleaning the eyeglass. Some general precautions for the long life of the eye glasses always use both hands to wear and remove the eyeglasses. Otherwise the position of the frame may look little bit tilted to one side.

Never keep the eyeglasses or lens down as the chances of getting scratch or broken are high when one steps on it by mistake. Always keep it in an eyeglass case that is sturdy but light-weight wrapped with a soft cloth. Get suggestions from the optometrist on how to clean, which cleaning liquid to use, how to handle the eyeglasses etc.

 Buy a quality eyeglass cleaning and tool-kit for use. Clean the eyeglasses daily with a wiping cloth. Once in a week do a complete cleaning as it will suffice and give a clean and fresh look to your eyeglasses and eyes always. Cleaning of glasses at home – Do You Know how to do it? Nowadays, people wear glasses for many purposes like reading, driving, using computers etc.

 People spend quite a high amount of money to buy it according to their tastes, colors, eye power and so many other factors. Eye glasses become dirty, dusty or oily etc. when one uses it daily. Natural wear and tear will be there but it is in the people’s hand to take extra care. Every time, one cannot go to optician, to clean the glasses as it as is very costly. But they use quality machines to clean and repair the glasses. Follow the below precautions and tips to increase the life of your eyeglasses. Know how to clean the eyeglasses at home itself as it will save you much. Few decades back, when technology just started to expand, eye glasses are made of glass.

They are heavy and need so much attention as they can break easily. Modern technology paved way to the use plastic eyeglasses which are durable and not heavy. Use the wiping cloth that comes with eyeglass to clean it whenever you want.

Never use any other cloth. Decades ago, people used to clean lenses with hot water at home and it was considered to be an effective tip. But now, many eyeglasses and lens are made of plastic. As one knows, plastic cannot withstand high heat. Washing it with hot water will damage the lens. The protective layer may just strip away and will affect our vision.

 Homemade remedy to clean the glasses: One of the easiest homemade remedy is to prepare a solution that contains vinegar (75 percent) and water (25 percent). Just drop a few drops of this solution or spray a few drops on the lens and clean it gently. This tip will be helpful when one does not have the lens cleaning liquid. Lukewarm works better on cleaning the lens than cold water.

Remember again, hot water is definitely a big no. Use soap with less chemicals and warm water to clean it. Clean the lens or glasses in circular motion. Always use a cotton or soft cloth to wipe it and dry it.In case one feels that their eyeglasses give a blurred vision after cleaning. Immediately consult an eye doctor or an optician to change you glass.

 Things not to do: Never rough handle your eyeglasses as you are on the verge of damaging it. Never take your eyeglasses by touching the lens as it may leave fingerprints on it.Dry cleaning of glasses is not good as they leads to scratch on the lens.

Clean not only the lens, but also the rim, frames etc. as they too tend to get dirt. Have a clear vision always in your eyes and mind. Cleaning glasses and keeping it safe will not only increase the longevity of the glass, but also the look of your glass and your eyes too. No need of buying another glass or spending more money on buying a new one. One can save a lot of money too.