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Clenbuterol, the Mexico Chronicles

The most potent fat burning supplements, Clenbuterol, has created a buzz and has increased its demand throughout the world. Clenbuterol or Clen is from Mexico. Mexicans patronize their own. Thinking that they can still be clean with Clen, Mexican soccer players have famously tested positive for this drug. They were judged not clean after Clen use. They were banned from the competition.

For anyone living in Mexico who is looking to purchase Clenbuterol, it is necessary to know about different regulation requirements on the product. Know the legal restrictions and where to purchase the highest quality Clenbuterol supplement. Beware of the scam!

Is Clenbuterol Legal in Mexico?

In Mexico, legal restrictions on Clenbuterol are not as prevalent and pervasive. It is easier to purchase the product there, although not directly from a pharmacist. Most Clenbuterol available in the country are produced in underground laboratories. Reports from Mexico revealed that even the Clenbuterol products made inside of Mexico are generally of inferior quality due to lax inspections and cleanliness requirements in the manufacturing facilities. A large amount of the supplement available on the market is counterfeit or cut with other chemicals and material so it is not have the same strength or potency as what is enjoyed by other users from other parts of the world.

Mexico Chronicles

Is the Quality of Clen Compromised?

The quality of Clen products manufactured in Mexico has been compromised. It is sad to say that for Mexicans to assure that Clenbuterol is of the highest quality possible, they have to import it internationally.

The good thing is Mexicans do have other options. Clen manufacturers in the United States and Canada do provide desirable shipping options for Mexico. The international shipment does not cost much and most products coming into Mexico from the US passed customs requirements without a problem.

The Purest Clen Available for Mexicans

When someone opts to buy Clen online, he gets to have a chemical grade Clenbuterol. This is the purest level of Clenbuterol sold in Mexico. As of now, there is no law against owning the supplement, which is why it is possible to buy the substance online as a research chemical. It comes in a liquid gel or tablet form.

No form beats the other in quality. Both work just fine, although understanding the product conversion from the gel and how it equates to mcg tablet form is important. The packaging should provide detailed instructions for making this conversion. You’ll become some sort of a chemist then.

Getting Clen into Mexican Shores

In order to ship from US locations, there is an international fee charged for pushing the product through customs. Since Mexico and the US are not oceans apart (borrowed from a song), it would not take long for the package to make its way to the client’s hands. It is also suggested to buy in bulk than to just buy a single cycle amount. It becomes cheaper. You only pay for the shipping once and the price per milligram or tablet drops is reduced as well.