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Anabolic Androgenic Steroids and Its Uses

Steroids are more popular in the healthcare sector in the recent days. Many users use these steroids for their own purpose like bodybuilding, attaining strength and stamina, losing weight, etc. these steroids are normally taken under supervision, but the trend has been changing now. These drugs come in form of supplements that helps the users attain their required goal. Anabolic steroids are responsible for giving bulked up appearance for the bone and muscles. Professional people like athletes and bodybuilders heavily rely on these steroids for outstanding performance and stamina.

How is Anadrol effective?

Anabolic Androgenic Steroids

One such steroid, Anadrol is famous as it has both anabolic and androgenic properties. These types of steroids are mostly preferred by the users as users need not stack steroids since this drug has both anabolic and androgenic properties in combination. This is also called as oxymetholone. This drug helps in increasing the red blood cell count, thus enabling the cells to reproduce and circulate more oxygen for the whole body. The muscle strength and body gains are also rapid and strong but the side effects reported due to the usage of Anadrol are said to be very minimal. This is initially developed as a medicine to treat anemic patients and help them combat any cell-related diseases. Rapidly, upon usage and discovery that these drugs also help bodybuilding, this drug is modified for human consumption. A minimum dosage of 1 to 5 mg per day for a normal person is recommended for steady body and weight gain. This is asynthetic oral steroid that gives greater results. This dosage should be maintained and should be changed only on valid physician’s advice. But in the case of body builders, they normally take higher dosages for purpose of strength and stamina. They will have to keep an eye on their dosage levels and go for regular check up’s to see how their body is responding to the dosage.

Using Anadrol and getting maximum benefits

Anadrol gives maximum benefit to the users as it has both anabolic and androgenic effects. This is high in anabolic effect when compared to androgenic property, but users should use a caution and note on what dosages they take and how their body respond. Many body builders take up to 50mg per day or half the tablet per day for maximum strength. There are many underground tablets available with no prescription, but users should take full responsibility of checking the genuine property of the tablet.

Other recommendations and caution

Many users cut the recommended dosage in half as this synthetic oral steroid is capable ofgiving more side effects as it is strong by nature. Many bodybuilders have experienced severe side effects that include damage to liver and heart attack when the dosage limit was exceeded. It is always recommended women stay away from this drug and old people to stay away from this product. Only people who are in a professional circle and are in need of bodybuilding would need such a strong product. Hence, users should take the dosage recommendations seriously before buying this product.