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All You Need to Know About Martinez Dental Services

We all know the importance of having a great set of teeth. It not only makes us look a lot better but also gives us a great smile. Moreover, at old age having the great set of teeth means a whole lot than at a young age. martinez orthodontics is one of the best places for your dental treatments. It has been in existence for many years and has been consistently making their patients smile better. Their patients are almost always overjoyed by the results that they provide. This makes them one of the most popular dental clinics in their region.

Martinez Dental Services

Even though it is very popular and people know that it gives excellent results yet people often have a few queries before they actually end up booking an appointment at the Martinez Orthodontics. Here are a few frequently asked questions by patients who consider visiting this place and the answers to them are mentioned too.

  1. How Much Do Braces at Martinez Cost and Do They Offer Financing? The price of getting the braces at this place varies depending on a few factors. Each one of us has different set of teeth which are unique in its own way. So it is difficult to say what exactly will be the price of braces for an individual without actually examining the teeth. However, going by the market rates, it is quite safe to say that the cost of braces at this place is lower than the average price of the braces at other places. One of the best aspects of getting braces at Martinez is that they provide a very flexible financing which saves the patients up to 24% of on their treatments. They can provide such a massive discount by eliminating the middlemen. Add to that the patients do not have to pay any down payments or interests on the price of the braces. This makes getting braces a far easier an affair than ever before.
  2. What are the Different Types of Treatments Provided here? At Martinez, they do not just limit their treatments to just braces. They also provide excellent dental surgery and other orthodontics treatment. To know about all the different kinds of treatments offered here one needs to visit its official website.
  3. Is this Place only for Adults? Martinez provides dental treatment to people of all age groups from children to senior citizens. In fact, they have specialized dentists for different age groups depending on their needs, which makes it better for their patients.
  4. Does Braces Hurt? How Long Does One have to Keep Wearing Them? Braces do not usually hurt, but it is not unusual for patients to complain about mild discomfort for the first week of the treatment. The period for which a person needs to have them on depends on some factors like the type of braces, the level of correction required and the age of the patient.

It is advised to visit the dentist in every 6 months, to retain your beautiful smile.