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All That you Ever Wanted To Know About  Anavar Weight Loss

Anavar is an oral steroid, also known as Oxandrolone steroid. It is anabolic in nature which means it is best for males, but since it’s a mild anabolic steroid even women are benefitted by taking smaller dose. Anavar is weight loss steroid to build up lean muscles and toned body. Anavar is given to people suffering from Osteoporosis as it relieves bone pain which is due to bone loss or otherwise known as Osteoporosis. Anavar does not have any androgenic properties and is also known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) anabolic steroid. Anavar is a 17aa drug which means that it is made in such a way that it can go past the liver and get dissolved into the blood stream. However like all other anabolic steroids Anavar can also damage the liver if the drug is abused. Once Anavar reaches the blood streams it starts to work quickly like a DHT steroid is expected to work. It is effective for 9-10 hours hence Anavar is taken twice a day. la pérdida de peso de Oxandrlone needs to be taken with healthy food and regular workout or else it won’t give the result that you have probably been expecting.

Anavar is best during the cutting cycle and not the bulking cycle where it would fail to build lean muscles. Anavar increases the metabolic rate which raises the body temperature and starts to act upon the stored fat which is present in the body. This not only reduces body fat but also help in preserving and developing of muscles for that perfect tone and lean muscle look. A good attention must be paid towards the calorie intake. Person Anavar must not go for high calorie food instead stick to low calorie food.

Lose Weight Without Any Exercise

Avavar for Females

Anavar being a mild anabolic steroid makes it one of those steroids which is safe for females. The daily dose should be 10mg and to be honest this is all that is required for the a cycle of 8-10 weeks. With just 10mg per day the results could be more than satisfying. However an increased dose of 20mg per day can also be taken but this comes with the baggage of strong side effects. It also tends to effect the female reproductive system and can cause irregular periods.

Anavar For Males

In case of males a daily dose of 30mg/50mg/80mg or even 100mg is fine, but it should be combined with low calorie food and proper workout. Anavar is not suggested during the bulking period but is far more effective during the cutting cycle. Since it a mild steroid 30mg a day won’t give any visible results but will just boost up the energy levels a bit.

Being mild, Anavar is one of those anabolic steroids which is safe for both men and women. It usually does not require a prescription unless the country has certain drug laws. Anavar can easily be ordered online. Anavar can give good results with weight loss and building up of lean muscles if used during the cutting cycle.