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Adrafinil: Most Powerful of them All

Meet the king of all kings in the nootropic world, Adrafinil. This nootropic was created back in the 1970s by a pharmaceutical company in France by the name of Lafon Laboratories. Then in the 1980s this baby was experimented as a treatment for narcolepsy. Adrafinil is essentially harmless until it is digested in the liver than the brain enhancement effects begin. The French government banned this nootropic back in 2011 and is currently unregulated in the United States and Canada.


Why and how should I take it?

Adrafinil has been shown to be a very effective stimulant and brain enhancing drugs. As your normal benefits of nootropics, this nootropics possesses them as well but on a greater level. Mental clarity, mental alertness, learning enhancement, mood enhancement, and memory retention are all extremely heightened with this powerful nootropic. This nootropic also gives the user the ability to stay at a high level of cognitive enhancement for long periods of time very different from some of the other nootropics where the effects are felt for only 3-5 hours. The reason why this nootropic is considered the most powerful nootropic of them all is the fact that it acts upon the part of the nervous system that is responsible for releasing adrenaline. By increasing the adrenergic neurotransmitters in the brain it replicates the positive enhancing effect of releasing adrenaline. Another one of its primary actions is that it increases hypocretin in the brain which in turn can increase production of norepinephrine and dopamine, two of the neurotransmitters directly related to increase wakefulness and energy in the brain. Similar to its nootropic counterparts, Adrafinil also interacts with glutamate receptors in the brain binding with the neurotransmitter and inhibiting it to breakdown. This causes enhanced cognitive performance overall. The reason for the arising of a pleasurable mood with this nootropic is that it boosts serotonin levels in the brain which greatly increases anxiety and enhances mood. Dopamine neurotransmitters are also kept from breaking down providing the user with an overall sense of well being.

How to stack Adrafinil

Recommended dosage for this nootropic is 150 mg – 300 mg daily. You can find Adrafinil in a pill form. I recommend taking Adrafinil when it is only absolutely needed due to the fact that it activates while being digested in the liver. This process with long term use may cause liver problems. Nevertheless, many have taken this nootropic without experiencing any side effects at all. This nootropic is able to be stacked with other nootropics. A good choline source is not needed for this nootropic due to it interacting with many parts of the brain just taking it alone will be extremely effective.

A good stack for Adrafinil will be:

  • 150 mg of Adrafinil
  • 15 mg of Noopept

Another great stack you can try with Adrafinil is:

  • 200 mg of Adrafinil
  • 1000 mg of Piracetam
  • 100 mg of Alpha GPC

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