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3 Gorgeous Celebrities Who Were Told to be Not Good Looking Enough for Hollywood

The entertainment world, behind all its glitz and glamour is a really different and dark, dank world. There have been countless occasions in which the real bad and mean side of the glamour world have been exposed. Chance scoops and occasional news have exposed this lean and mean face that lurks behind the limelight. And Hollywood is no exception. In fact, Hollywood can be really mean at times, nastier than your worst enemy, perhaps.

You sure have heard about the so called non celebrities or the newbies in Hollywood being targeted for their appearance. Now, the strangest fact is that Hollywood has not spared even the prettiest of celebs so far, with its obsession with thinness and general looks!

The famous Hollywood producer Robert Simonds in Deadline spoke of his many ventures, that focus more on storyline and acting credentials over mere good looks. From Hollywood A-List, Adam Sandlar who often paired with Robert Simonds to give box office hits like, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy and Big Daddy, is a good example of solidification to Robert Simonds’ notion. Let us take a quick look at all those Hollywood A-listed stars that had been put to shame by haters in the industry.

  1. Winona Ryder

We all remember Winona Ryder for her fresh face and amazing acting skills in widely applauded movies such as “Little Women”. This actor is well known for coming up with different looks with every film that she has been cast in, to get into the skin of the character that she will be playing. Starting from the classic ball gown look in “Little Women” to the typical troubled mom look in her movie “Stranger Things”, this versatile actor has pulled off different characters with much elan. But during her initial days, someone had remarked that she would never be able to flourish in Hollywood due to her looks!

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Don’t we all love Sarah Jessica Parker as the lovable author in one of the most incredible chick flicks of all time “Sex And The City’? This time it was the Maxim magazine that played the bully. They had charted out their own curated and sexist list of the “Unsexiest Women Alive” in Hollywood in 2007, with Parker in the topper’s position. This has been deemed awful and appalling by many in the industry. But picking on her looks never stopped this fashion icon from sailing ahead in her Hollywood career and launching her own range of shoes SJP for the brand Nordstrom.

  1. Britney Spears

When it comes to Maxim and their insane list of “Unsexiest Women Alive”, the names are good enough to throw us into a tizzy! At their Number 5 position was the name of pop icon Britney Spears! Can you believe it, the star of chart busting songs like “Baby One More Time” and “Toxic” has been deemed to be one of the most unsexiest women ever in Hollywood. The reason is even more gross – weight gain. But Spears is now back to her original fantabulous rock chic form with her series of concerts in Las Vegas.

There are many more of our very favourite celebrities who had been written off by saying that they were not pretty or thin enough for Hollywood. But the nicest point to make here is that none of the haters could put them away by saying mean stuff. They have proved that “Haters gonna hate” by sailing ahead in their career and churning out hits after hits.